Arkansas: The Natural State

Arkansas is The Natural State, home to stunning vistas, an abundance of state parks, rivers, lakes, and mountains. People come here to get away, to connect, and to explore. Once here, many choose to stay because our quality of life cannot be beat. In addition to boasting of a low cost of living and quality education system, there is always something to do and somewhere to explore. Here are a few of the many reasons people, and businesses, choose Arkansas.

Events and Festivals are Held Year-Round

Bluegrass, blues, country and gospel can all be heard at one of Arkansas's many music festivals. We also have several local soundstages where concerts are held throughout most of the year. Places like the Montgomery County Front Porch Stage are popular destinations as is the Ozark Folk Center State Park and the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion.

Arkansas is also home to incredible events like the King Biscuit Blues Festival held in Helena, the Wiederkehr Village Wine Fest, Music Fest, Unexpected Festival of Murals, and the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival. People come from all over the country to experience Arkansas hospitality and our version of fun. A full list of events can be found here.

Outdoor Adventures Abound

Arkansas is known for its majestic beauty. Often referred to as The Natural State, Arkansas has an outdoor adventure for everyone. Whether you like to hike, swim, fish or boats, Arkansas is the ideal destination. Though inland, Arkansas even has beaches. It’s true - fifteen of Arkansas lakes have sandy shores, making it easy to take a beach vacation without ever leaving the state. With 23 Arkansas parks offering opportunities for water recreation, our state is a popular destination for tourists and locals looking to enjoy the warm weather. Popular activities are:

Visitors and Residents Can Take the Scenic Route

Many people discover the beauty of Arkansas after hitting the open road and going for a drive. We have several historic routes and heritage trails, along with scenic drives and byways, that are sure to make for an interesting road trip. Arkansas is also home to off-road trails for those who prefer to go exploring off the beaten track.

For those planning a road trip through Arkansas, we recommend stopping at Wilson. This charming southern town was recently featured in the New York Times and Southern Living Magazine. What stands out about Wilson, more than its tudor-style houses and rolling farmland, is the vision behind the town’s resurgence. When owner Gaylon Lawrence purchased it, he set to work creating a cultural epicenter where the history of the community is celebrated and social equality promoted through the innovative Delta School. Wilson has more than a destination. It is a shining example of what small southern towns can become. 

Cultural Activities are Everywhere

Public works of art, monuments, museums and historical sites can be found throughout Arkansas. Our communities are proud of our heritage and this is on full display when attending any of these cultural destinations:

For a full list of cultural activities, click here.

You Can Live Minutes from a State or National Park

Arkansas is home to seven national parks and 52 state parks. Here, visitors can spot wildlife, camp, ride horses, go for a hike, fish, and spend time connecting with nature and each other. Click here to view our state parks and to begin planning a day or week of discovery.

We Have Soothing Hot Springs

People from the north used to visit Arkansas for the calming and healing properties of our natural hot springs. Arkansas hot springs are still popular today, offering a soothing way to relax and unwind after a long week at work.

Arkansas is Home to Delicious Southern Food

There's is a food revolution happening throughout the country, as chefs move to keep things local. In Arkansas, this is our way of life. We are proud of our southern heritage, family recipes that have been passed down generation to generation, and the good southern cooking coming out of our local restaurants. If you have a taste for southern food, farm-to-table dishes, and new flavors, Arkansas is the place for you. In addition to classic mom and pop restaurants, new restaurants are popping up featuring innovative chefs speaking to the authenticity of local cuisine and flavor. This is Southern hospitality at its best and everything is made with love.

Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries Call Arkansas Home

The Arkansas River Valley is home to several wineries producing Chardonnays, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignons and Muscatines. Those who prefer beer will enjoy visiting one of Arkansas's local breweries like Superior Bathhouse Brewery, the only brewery located in a national park.

Come Explore and Discover Why We Love Living in Arkansas

If quality of life is what you are after, we have it. We invite you to visit, explore our great state, and see why so many people have chosen to make Arkansas home.