Get Help Finding Your Next Business Location

14 Apr 2021


“We are committed to matching your company with the right location,” said J.D. Lowery, Manager of Community and Economic Development for the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas. “Companies looking for a central and affordable U.S. location can find it in Arkansas. Unlike some areas of the country, we have affordable large commercial sites that are ideal for warehousing and distribution centers, along with manufacturing. This makes our state unique, but it also means site selectors have a lot to choose from. We make that process easier by offering personalized assistance and property matching services,” he continued. 

Lowery is committed to removing any barriers that stand in the way of a site selector or executive picking Arkansas for their next expansion. Having previously worked for Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe and at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, he has a depth of resources that he can bring to the table to help make a project work. “We work very closely with state and local governments to put packages together that make sense for the business and the community,” said Lowery. This could include putting together a package of  financial incentives, workforce development programs, or site and infrastructure assistance to make a project work. 

Possible business incentives could include:

  • Advantage Arkansas - a state income tax credit for job creation
  • ArkPlus - tax credits for a new location or expansion project
  • Create Rebate - negotiated incentives based on the opportunity
  • Infrastructure grants - cost sharing for infrastructure
  • Equity Investment Incentive Tax Credit - designed for target industries and new tech
  • Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant program - zero interest loans through utilities

For a full list of financial and tax incentives, along with loan and grant programs, click here. Determining which incentives would work for your business can be challenging. Lowrey is here to assist with that as well. “Our approach is to determine what a business needs, then look for ways to meet those needs. Rather than spending hours or days doing research, we want businesses to call us. We’re the experts on state incentive programs and if we don’t have an answer, we know someone who does,” he said. 

Service. That’s what it comes down to. The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have always been member-focused. Through their economic development arm, they are also business-focused. If you are looking for a new business location in Arkansas and want someone to do the heavy lifting - email J.D. Lowery at