During COVID-19 Arkansas Companies Rose to the Occasion

During COVID-19 Arkansas Companies Rose to the Occasion Main Photo

16 Dec 2020


COVID-19 has created significant challenges for companies throughout the country. Companies have had to find ways to increase production and distribution, while implementing safety measures to ensure that employees and customers were not at risk of getting sick. In this scenario with pressure from all sides, several Arkansas companies stood out for their leadership and ability to get the job done when things got tough. Among them was Arkansas-based Walmart. The company was deemed essential and served as the go-to resource for people throughout the country for everything from toiletries to groceries, clothing and birthday gifts. Even people who had never shopped at a Walmart before this year, suddenly found comfort in the retailers ability to meet their family’s basic needs. It was after touring Walmart distribution centers that Vice President Mike Pence said, “America’s food supply is very strong.” We are proud to have Walmart headquartered here and for our state’s ability to support their growth with robust infrastructure and a workforce that is committed to getting the job done and getting it done well. 

Other companies have taken on challenges like increasing manufacturing to meet the rise in demand for medical equipment. Ellis Fin Works & Machine in Benton is creating a Safe Touch Key to prevent people from having to touch popular buttons in public spaces. Movista in Bentonville is filling the need for workforce health monitoring. The Colson Group in Jonesboro is making medical equipment casters to meet demand. Lexicon Fabricators and Constructors in Little Rock pivoted to make aluminum brackets for face shields. Pine Bluff Arsenal in Pine Bluff has produced face masks for military personnel. Triumph Group in Hot Springs is making medical face masks. Pernod Ricard in Fort Smith and Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock are making hand sanitizer. This list goes on and on, demonstrating the innovative spirit of Arkansas companies and the willingness of the entire business community to come together to solve new challenges. 

Arkansas Companies Rise During Hard Times

The supportive ecosystem in place for Arkansas companies helps businesses to pivot, like they have during COVID-19, and to try new things, like Arkansas entrepreneurs have proven. Our cost of doing business and cost of living is lower in Arkansas than most states and that helps when getting products off the ground. It also helps when growing a business or experimenting with a new product line. 

Our infrastructure is also strong - one of the reasons that Walmart is headquartered here and has continued to grow here. With water and air ports, interstate access and a robust rail system, Arkansas offers a variety of transportation options for companies looking to ship their products quickly throughout the country and the rest of the world. 

The state and local governments support business growth too and this makes it easier to launch a business without running up against a lot of red tape. This support can be found in our department. The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas helps businesses and anyone investing in Arkansas to connect with the incentives and programs that make it easy to do business in our state. We invite you to join a business community that has risen to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and found ways to grow in spite of them. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business to succeed now and in the future.  It hasn’t been easy or without heartache, but together we will emerge from this pandemic stronger.