Arkansas Offers Unique Advantages for Remote Workers During and After COVID-19

Arkansas Offers Unique Advantages for Remote Workers During and After COVID-19 Main Photo

17 Jul 2020

Arkansas has offered residents several advantages during COVID-19 as compared with states that have densely populated metro areas. COVID-19 has impacted the entire country, including Arkansas. Still, we have a lot to be thankful for – including how much easier it is to live throughout the state, especially when compared with highly populated cities and suburbs. 

It’s expensive to live in highly populated areas, and crowded too.

Many people who live in the cities and suburbs have begun asking themselves if they want to remain in the city or move to a quieter and less populated community - like the ones found in Arkansas. For example, Arkansas shares a border with Memphis, Tennessee. Moving across that border to a less populated community may be attractive for families looking to insulate themselves from the risk of living in a city during COVID-19. For example, families who move to Forrest City, Arkansas (or a nearby town) are only 40 minutes from Memphis, but in a smaller community with fewer people and a lower cost of living. 

In Arkansas, residents can spread out because lot sizes are generally larger, and houses are more affordable. Our housing costs are just 55% of the national average with the median home price being $128,800. This means that families moving from a high priced city or suburb can afford a larger home – something that has certainly been needed while quarantined at home with the kids. The opportunity to buy a home with an office and a play room can be possible when homes simply cost less. 

Speaking of costing less, Arkansas has a cost of living that is only 79% of the national average – meaning that it’s possible to save in nearly every area. For those who are looking to reduce their expenses or want to take a more flexible job that allows for working from home, a lower cost of living can make this lifestyle change possible. 

Quarantining near outdoor recreation makes it possible to enjoy life.

A clear advantage of living in Arkansas is that we are surrounded by the most beautiful outdoor spaces. Taking the boat out on the river or going for a long hike can make a day under quarantine a lot more pleasant – especially when there are new trails to try. Going fishing or simply enjoy being out on the water makes for a pleasant afternoon, even when COVID-19 made it necessary for our residents to stay home. Depending on the time of year, there are plenty of hunting opportunities as well. 

If you like being outdoors, living in Arkansas makes it easy to have fun, social distance, get exercise and live life, even under certain restrictions. For those who have been stuck in the city with no access to parks or amenities (some east coast parks are still closed as of July), moving to Arkansas is an incredible opportunity to get back to life. 

What’s right for your family?

COVID-19 has made it necessary for families to evaluate their current situation, the lifestyle they want and what’s important. The question is, “what’s right for your family if COVID-19 continues?” and “what’s right for your family in general?” 

If the answer is to live in a community where people know and support each other, housing is affordable and you can easily get outdoors to enjoy recreational opportunities, then Arkansas should be on your short list as a place to live while working remotely. 

We encourage you to learn more about our communities and the benefits of living and working here.