Arkansas Prepares The Next Generation of Food and Beverage Industry Leaders

Monday, August 20, 2018

Food is at the heart of the human experience. For many, it rises to the level of art. For some, it becomes the focus of a lifelong career.

Job opportunities in the food and beverage industry are enormously varied. From the top-of-mind — farming, food service and retail grocery — to the less obvious — food and beverage manufacturing, modern food processing and applied food research — there are so many ways to be involved in this dynamic industry.

Arkansas has a wide range of education and training programs available for people working or intending to work in the food and beverage industry. Here are six resources to help you get started, advance or expand a career in the industry.

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In 1940, 112,050 of 1.95 million Residents in Arkansas had Electricity

In 1937, the first electric cooperative utility pole was erected in Arkansas by First Electric Cooperative in Jacksonville, marking the development of a system that now covers 60 percent of the state's land area.