Success story of Today’s Power, Inc.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Recently, the company Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI), developed a one-megawatt AC solar array that will provide more efficient energy solutions for people in Hooker, Oklahoma. In fact, TPI reached an agreement with the Tri-County Electric Cooperative to purchase solar energy produced by their new system.

Working with such a reliable energy source will mean more savings for people and ultimately be a more cost-effective system. The system requires less space and provides maximum energy density solutions.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas (ECOA), knows that TPI’s solution is a relatively low capital investment when compared to other offerings in the industry, which will give a reliable and affordable solution to cooperative members.

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Concern for Community

This is one of the seven principles that guide the electric cooperatives. One way we accomplish this is through programs designed for youth of various ages. From electrical safety programs to the annual Youth Tour to Washington, we are committed to the youth of Arkansas.