Looking For some Smart Ways to Save Money?

Monday, April 17, 2017

There are many ways to control costs and your local cooperative works hard to provide you with many energy saving tips to save on your electricity bill.

We can work together to conserve energy, from turning down the thermostat to replacing all traditional light bulbs, moving from incandescent to energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. Make sure you turn off your lights, to clean and replace filters and to use the energy-savings setting on your appliances.

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Woodruff Electric Cooperative (WEP) believes in both short and long-term energy savings, and this includes a regular maintenance routine around your home, from replacing old appliances to upgrading windows.

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Concern for Community

This is one of the seven principles that guide the electric cooperatives. One way we accomplish this is through programs designed for youth of various ages. From electrical safety programs to the annual Youth Tour to Washington, we are committed to the youth of Arkansas.