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Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant Program

This federal program distributes zero-interest loans through utilities to invest in local businesses. Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas has a long history with the program, including hundreds of success stories for businesses like yours.

You can learn more about the program here, or call us today to learn more about how we use these loans and grants to grow businesses in Arkansas.

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This pass-through program provides low-interest loans to utilities for improving the efficiency and conservation of end-users, including businesses like yours. At the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, we have successfully leveraged federal funds to help Arkansas businesses upgrade their equipment to be more energy efficient. You ca... Learn More
Act 1404 of 2013, as codified in §§ 26-52-447, 26-53-149 and 15-4-3501, establishes two options by which certain state sales and use taxes relating to the partial replacement and repair of machinery and equipment used directly in manufacturing may be refunded to eligible taxpayers beginning July 1... Learn More
At the discretion of the Governor and AEDC Executive Director, targeted businesses may be offered special incentives designed to help new, knowledge-based, start-up businesses: A refund of sales and use taxes paid on the purchase of building materials and machinery and equipment associated with the approved project A transferabl... Learn More
The Tax Back program provides sales and use tax refunds on the purchase of building materials and taxable machinery and equipment to qualified businesses investing at least $100,000 and who either a) sign a job creation agreement under the Advantage Arkansas or Create Rebate program... Learn More