Cooperatives Offer More

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you guide and shape the world through your decisions. And you also know that every penny can mean the difference between success and failure.

These two factors are key in understanding why electric cooperatives offer an advantage to entrepreneurs. For one thing, cooperatives like the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are democratically controlled by members. If you’re a member, you have a say in the vital decisions that impact your business and its power supply. For more about cooperative membership, click here.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are owned by members, so as you pay your utility bill, you are also building equity—capital credits—in your local electric cooperative, based on your usage. That means that when the cooperative thrives, you earn a return that is distributed via capital credits to each member of the cooperative. In the last five years, the cooperatives have returned approximately $107 million to its members in patronage payments.

Cooperatives offer further advantages. Federal and state regulations are less restrictive for cooperatives than for other utilities, which allows for a more prompt response to member needs. Moreover, decisions are made at the local level, making us more accountable to members.