First Electric Cooperative Corporation

United Plastics

"United Plastics Technology in Tumbling Shoals is a manufacturer with demanding customers who require on time deliveries. Without the reliability and dependable service of First Electric, we simply could not always meet these demands. I also work on several community projects and it's great to have support from our local coop. With operation roundup and the volunteer support we get, First Electric shares our vision to maintain and even improve the quality of life in and around Heber Springs." Frank Wimberley, President

Cabot Public Schools

cabot public schools"The Cabot School District is comprised of 16 schools, and several of these are serviced by First Electric Cooperative. With more than 10,000 students, it is imperative that we have reliable electricity to support the increased technology students’ use in the classroom. First Electric always responds quickly to any issues or concerns we have regarding our service. They understand the importance of keeping our schools operational and minimize any outage times.

First Electric is also very active in the community. They sponsor programs through our schools regarding electrical safety, they participate in events through the Cabot Chamber of Commerce, and they have representatives in civic organizations." Dr. Tony Thurman, Superintendent

City of Cabotcity of cabot

"The City of Cabot is a member of First Electric Cooperative.  We are very satisfied with our relationship, emergency and co mmunication response, and service availability." Cabot Mayor Bill Cypert


Stuttgart District: Farmers and Merchants Bank

f&m bank"I am President and CEO of Farmers and Merchants Bank of Stuttgart.  We have branches in Perryville and DeWitt that are served by First Electric Cooperative. It is comforting to me to know that our operations in these locales are being powered by First Electric. We have found that we have very few service problems with our electrical needs. On the rare occasion when our power is interrupted the response time of First Electric’s service personnel is very timely. Should there be a situation where a planned service interruption is necessary; First Electric is very proactive in that we always receive ample advance notice of the outage. They provide an accurate estimate of the correction time needed to enable us to plan our business day. We   could not be more pleased to be in a First Electric service area." Gary Hudson, President and CEO, Farmers and Merchants Bank • Stuttgart, Arkansas


Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation


I have been associated with Woodruff Electric through my work in various capacities for about 40 years  and mostly as Director of sloanOperations, Sloan Valve Company Arkansas Division.  A “partnership” atmosphere was created early on in our relationship and continues to this day.  There have been many shared adventures but a particularly memorable on occurred in about December 2000 when a severe ice storm hit the Augusta area and our plant lost power about 10:00 a.m.  Since we use electric furnaces that must be powered 24/7, it was urgent that power be restored as soon as possible or risk months of lost time.  The men and women of Woodruff worked tirelessly all day to get us restored.  Men were slogging through half-frozen, muddy fields, removing downed limbs from lines, repairing lines, etc. non-stop until sometime after 9:00 p.m. power was restored.  Thanks to the dedicated people of Woodruff Electric in partnership with our crew at Sloan a major catastrophe was averted…that is the Woodruff Electric Spirit!!

Woodruff Electric has partnered with this facility every step of the way and is a major reason that we continue to exist as a manufacturing facility today. Robert Beard, Director of Advanced Development, Sloan Valve, Augusta, Arkansas