A Heritage of Innovation

Since our beginnings in the 1930s, electric cooperatives in Arkansas have been at the forefront of innovative, progressive solutions that build strength, encourage growth and ensure stability in the state’s businesses and industries.

The nation’s electric cooperative movement began as America dug itself out of the Great Depression. In those days, the mission was to extend electricity to low-density, rural farmers who otherwise could not afford electric service. 

Today, Arkansas enjoys a robust portfolio of 21st-century business sectors—from industry and high tech to knowledge workers and the creative class. Our electricity infrastructure has grown along with the state’s economy to include sophisticated tools that enable today’s businesses to thrive.

We are the leading Arkansas utility in alternative energy investments with several community solar projects under way, extensive hydroelectric assets and power purchase agreements for wind generation.

Economic Development Services

  • Electric rate analyses based on the client's needs
  • Data on available buildings and sites
  • Information on available sites for greenfield projects
  • Community profiles
  • Partnerships with local, regional and state economic organizations to ensure maximum client assistance
  • Project tours and meeting with local and state officials for site/buildings/community projects

Our Commitment

  • We work to assist, grow and expand businesses in Arkansas
  • In the last five years, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have returned more than $107 million to members in patronage capital payments.
  • The 17 locally owned distribution cooperatives serve more than 1.2 million consumer and commercial members in 74 of Arkansas 75 counties, as well as parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Louisiana.
  • We are committed to diverse energy generation. Our efforts to spur the development of wind, hydro and solar generation surpass any other organization in the state.